About Us

The Center for Migration and International Relations (CMIR) is a Non-Profit Organization that thrives to ensure the rights of migrant workers and their families coming from Nepal. By providing legal support, we want to make sure labour rights are respected, guaranteed, and fulfilled - since over 2,730,00 labour permits were issued between 2008 and 2015 to Nepalese migrant workers.
CMIR is the first institute in Nepal that includes the topics of returnee migrant workers, migrant rights activism, and research in one common platform. This enables CMIR to have a better understanding in all aspects of migration and its impact on society. Therefore, CMIR publishes on a regularly basis humanitarian actions plans, as well as policy recommendations for an international, national, and regional audience. And by including the field of international relations into our work, we want to provide a bigger picture when it comes to migration dynamics.
We at CMIR are a very dynamic and dedicated team of returnee migrant workers, migrant rights activist and researchers, having a long-term history in the field of migration and development.

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Parts of the CMIR Team